To mark this year's International Women in Engineering Day we’re highlighting the achievements of some of our engineers.

Unfortunately engineering is a career in which women are largely underrepresented, the international campaign aims to raise the profile of women in engineering and showcase the exciting career opportunities available. Visit our Careers page to discover opportunities at Cranfield Aerospace Solutions...

Airworthiness Support & Electronics Engineer

A Disciplined Mind.

When you think of engineering, you may think of the creative process, of figuring out how to make things work or developing new technology. However, especially in aerospace and other safety-critical engineering industries, discipline and adherence to process is of critical importance and people with these skills are a vital part of any successful engineering team. Alison Eve is one such engineer...


Alison Eve


Christine Holmes

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Do what you enjoy and never stop learning.

From Formula 1 to aerospace, Christine Holmes has had a challenging and varied career, built upon her love of engineering and how it can change the world...

Aircraft Mechanic & Sheet Metal Worker

Happy Place.

It’s difficult to convey in words the pure joy and enthusiasm that Colette Kelly brings to her work but in her own words: “I’ve found my happy place.”

“My greatest achievement”, she said, “is that from being in a place at school where I had no clue what I wanted to do, I’ve found a career that I loved from the start and 20 years later, I still absolutely love.”...


Colette Kelly


Megan Loffell

Senior Flight Physicist

Playing a part in aviation’s future.

Megan Loffell is the Senior Flight Physicist on Cranfield Aerospace’s Project Fresson, an ATI-funded project to convert a Britten-Norman Islander to hydrogen propulsion. She talks about her love of engineering and how being prepared to keep trying when things don’t work the first time is the only sure way to success...

Airworthiness & Certification Engineer

If you start early, you can train your brain to do anything.

Henry Ford once said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right”. Aleksandra Topolinska is very much of the same mind...

Aleksandra work environment edit

Aleksandra Topolinska

International Women in Engineering Day began in the UK in 2014 as a national campaign from the Women’s Engineering Society. Since then, INWED has grown enormously, receiving UNESCO patronage in 2016 and going truly global the following year.

National Women in Engineering Day was launched for the first time in the UK on 23 June 2014 by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) to celebrate its 95th anniversary.

In 2017, National Women in Engineering Day became international for the first time due to the interest and enthusiasm developed by the international audience and participants in the previous years. International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) was born to enable the celebration of women in engineering to become global.