Welcome to Cranfield Aerospace’s (CAeS) Aircraft Ground Operations (AGO) division. Here at CAeS we have long ensured the safe operation of runways, helidecks and specific aircraft events through:

We offer independent evaluation and consultancy in all of the below areas. Please use the links below to read more.

CAeS’ role as a key independent provider of runway friction testing continues to help ensure the safety of aircraft manoeuvres at civilian and military airports throughout the UK and around the globe. See our Runway Friction Testing page for a detailed introduction into our capabilities.

In a similar vein, CAeS regularly help to ensure the safety of helicopter operations on offshore and vessel helidecks in the North Sea, as well as other land based raised helipads. Through years of experience, CAeS are well versed in performing helideck friction tests and assessments that support helideck operators in removing cumbersome and hazardous helideck landing nets. For more information on CAeS’ helideck friction testing, see our designated Helideck Friction Testing page.
In addition to friction testing, CAeS also have the unique capability of operating water ingestion trials at the UK’s only specially constructed facility. Based at Cranfield Airport in Bedfordshire, UK, CAeS can help towards getting your new aircraft fully certified for operation.

Using Suitably Qualified and Experienced Persons (SQEP) in a huge variety of friction testing and airfield ground operation projects, CAeS are always available to offer independent consultancy, third-party evaluation and equipment / surface correlation trials. Please feel free to contact our Friction Surveys Manager, Justin Lewis, with any questions or enquiries. Go to our Team page for more details about getting in touch.

What you get with Cranfield Aerospace…

Cranfield Aerospace (CAeS) offers an essential service, assisting you to conform to UK CAA, international and military standards.
Comprehensive Runway Friction Testing provides you with certification showing that your runway is safe for use. Our service will provide you with:

  • Professional and highly experienced engineers
  • Detailed assessment reports containing levels of conformance, recommendations, friction contour maps and individual run profiles.
  • (Contour maps and run profiles detail friction properties and highlight zones of interest across the entire runway surface)
  • Project management from initial enquiry through to contract completion
  • Expert advice and after-service support available anytime

Regular Helideck Friction Testing can eliminate the need for landing nets and ensure helicopter operations onboard offshore installations are a much safer procedure. Our service will always provide you with:

  • Suitably Qualified and Experienced engineers certified to work offshore
  • Testing procedures designed and optimised to be carried out with minimum disruption to helideck operations
  • Detailed analysis reports containing levels of conformance, recommendations and friction contour maps.
  • (Contour maps provide a detailed breakdown of your helideck surface friction properties in 1 x 1 meter sections)
  • Project management from initial enquiry through to contract completion with experience in helping UK and international customers
  • Expert advice and after-service support available anytime

All friction testing equipment used by CAeS is CAA approved Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment (CMFE), including the Douglas Mu-Meter and Finlay Irvine GripTester. All equipment is regularly maintained, serviced and kept in a ready-to-use condition for use at short notice. This helps us to respond quickly to meet urgent customer needs.

With runway and helideck friction testing at the core of our business, we also offer:

Cost effective helideck panel testing is regularly performed in support of Research and Development of new surfaces.

Independent Technical Evaluation services to support your friction testing or runway investigations.

Support of water ingestion trials at the UK’s only specially constructed facility. Water ingestion trials can ensure that runway surface water ingested on take-off and landing does not cause unacceptable power loss or dangerous engine failures.




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