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Flutter Analysis

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd (CAeS) have the capability to conduct full Flutter analysis. Flutter is a dangerous phenomenon encountered in flexible structures subjected to aerodynamic forces and occurs as a result of interactions between stiffness, aerodynamics and inertial forces on a structure.

As the wind-speed increases, there may come a point where the structural damping is insufficient to damp out the motions which are increasing due to aerodynamic effects on the structure.

This vibration can cause structural failure and therefore accounting for flutter characteristics is an essential. The instability is due to the interaction between aerodynamic, inertial, and elastic forces and when these three forces are modelled, the flutter problem is often solved at all prescribed air speeds. The results include the damping and associated frequencies of each mode shape at each airspeed. When the damping of one of these modes becomes positive, the first flutter speed has been found.

The Flutter studies of interactions among aerodynamic, elastic, and inertial forces is falls within Dynamic Aeroelasticity

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