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Helideck Friction Testing

Why Friction Test your Helideck?

Those of us involved in the offshore industry know more than most about the importance of safe working and risk management. With this in mind, regular helideck friction testing gives offshore installation operators the assurance needed to remove helideck landing nets. Helideck landing nets present a hazard to personnel in the form of slips, trips and falls, as well as to helicopters through shock-effects sustained on the wheels during landing. For busy installations and vessels, the hazard posed by a landing net is highly undesirable and easily eradicated. The first assessment of a potential hazard is “can the hazard be removed”, in this case, with the successful completion of a friction test, the answer is yes!

Experts in Helideck Friction Testing

CAeS regularly conduct helideck friction tests throughout the year for the UK offshore oil and gas industry. All trials engineers are fully trained and certified to work offshore and understand the safety critical mentality of offshore life. CAeS operate a number of CAA accepted Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment (CFME) devices, which are kept in a regularly serviced condition, ready to meet any new customer enquiries at short notice. All offshore helideck, vessel and helipad friction tests are conducted to the standards of CAP437.

Over the years CAeS have worked closely with the CAA to optimise the procedures and requirements of helideck friction tests. With years of experience and trials data to hand, CAeS have the ability to award one, two or three year safety certificates to helidecks that meet the standards of safety required. This gives your company the certification they require, whilst also saving you money.

For helideck friction testing, CAeS can offer:

  • Clearance to operate without helideck landing nets
  • Suitably Qualified and Experienced engineers certified to work offshore
  • Four CAA accepted CFME devices allowing for quick response and shipping times
  • Detailed friction contour maps of the helideck surface, easily highlighting areas of interest
  • Experience in working to the tight and weather dependent schedules of the offshore industry

Independent Correlations and Evaluations

As part of our core helideck friction testing capabilities, CAeS also run, manage and support various equipment evaluations, correlation trials and one-off tests for companies and manufacturers looking to bring new equipment or surface materials into the industry. For example, specialised panel tests allow manufacturers to establish the friction performance of new surface materials, and subsequently optimise their properties, before submitting them for use in the construction of new helidecks.

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