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Aircraft Noise Testing

CAeS offers comprehensive aircraft noise surveys and assessments

  • Compliance with international and local policies and standards, including EASA CS-36 and ICAO Annex 16 Volume 1.
  • Noise certification of all aircraft types, i.e. propeller, jet and helicopter.
  • Surveys based at Cranfield Airport or anywhere in the world using our mobile test laboratory.
  • Surveys include measurements of aircraft position and flight parameters, weather, background and aircraft generated noise.
  • Analysis of noise data using approved tailored software, leading to calculation of Effective Perceived Noise levels (EPNL).
  • Assessment of the impact of noise on the environment and evaluation of compliance.

Aircraft noise certification requirements are established for propeller driven aircraft, jets and helicopters. Certification requires the measurement of aircraft EPNL during Take-off, Flyover and Approach to characterise the aircraft noise performance for comparison with EASA noise limits. Larger, heavier aircraft make more noise (specific aircraft configuration can be approved at various weights with different noise levels) and in the case of helicopters, the number of rotor blades and use of low noise tail rotor technology can have an effect.

CAeS have the capability to conduct comprehensive aircraft noise surveys and assessments on all aircraft types whether it is propeller or jet driven or, a helicopter. Additionally, with our mobile capabilities, CAeS can support you wherever you need it.

All testing is in accordance with international and local policies and standards, including EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) CS-36 (Certification specifications for aircraft noise) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Annex 16 Volume 1. Aircraft noise surveys, including necessary weather, background and aircraft generated noise measurements, are conducted to allow the assessment of the impact of noise on the environment. Noise certification under ICAO Annex 16 Volume 1 Chapter 3 requires that many EPNL measurements need to be determined for compliance. CAeS test those aircraft produced EPNLs for compliance.

All CAeS measuring equipment, test set-ups and analysis shall be approved by EASA and CAeS will provide a comprehensive test report, including all the test data and analysis performed. The reference noise measurement points for each of the EPNLs, the associated flight procedures and an acceptable evaluation method for the measurements and analysis are all defined and in line with ICAO Annex 16.

Figure. 1: Noise Measurement Preparation


Figure. 2: Example of Measured Noise


 Figure. 3: Example of Analysed Noise Profile


Figure. 4: Aircraft noise surveys and assessments. Propeller - Jet - Helicopter Mobile capabilities

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