Project outline:

A number of trials were performed in order to gather data so that the shock, vibration and temperature environment experienced by Defensive Aids (Flares) installed on Chinook helicopters could be assessed. This included ground and flight trials covering a broad range of test conditions.

Project description:

Cranfield Aerospace successfully captured temperature and dynamic response data from the Defensive Aids Suite (DAS) magazines during a number of trials. Ground trials were performed to determine the temperature environment experienced by Flares installed in the Aft Pylon Dispensers to provide information for future clearance as well as validation of Cranfield Aerospace’s computer simulations of that temperature environment.

Vibration and temperature data were also collected from a number of flights so that the environment experienced by the flares could be assessed. Data were captured using Air Countermeasure Data Loggers (ACDL’s) for the vibration data and ACDL-T’s for temperature data. The ACDL family of loggers are self-contained units built into standard type 118 flare cases. The ACDL’s and ACDL-t’s have been developed by and are maintained by Cranfield Aerospace for the Defence General Munitions Project Team (DGM-PT). In addition to conventional vibration measurements on the DAS magazines, instrumented inert flares (i-Flares) were installed into the magazines to determine the vibration environment within the magazine. This will provide evidence for the clearance of new and existing defensive aids (flares) onto the Chinook fleet.