Project outline:

A number of trials were performed in order to gather data so that the shock and vibration environment experienced by the vehicle and various transported weapon systems could be assessed. This included trundling on various terrains including during swimming as well as static weapon firings.

Project description:

Cranfield Aerospace successfully captured dynamic response data from various different Viking vehicle variants over 4 separate trials as part of the mid-life regeneration programme (Viking Re-Gen). Data were successfully captured from the Viking Crew Served Weapon (CSW) variant, Mortar (MOR) variant, Command Variant (CV), Troop Carrying Variant (TCV) and the Repair and Recovery Variant (RRV). Each of the vehicle trials included a comprehensive range of terrains including smooth road, rough road, cross country and water as well as a broad range of vehicle speeds and load configurations. For the MOR variant data acquisition was also successfully carried out during a range of mortar firings. The purpose of this work was to provide an assessment of the vibration and shock environment experienced by those vehicles and any weapon systems transported, installed or deployed on the vehicle. This will provide evidence for the clearance of those weapon systems to be transported in and deployed on the Viking fleet.