Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd (CAeS) is pleased to announce the successful completion of Tamarack Aerospace Group, US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its Active Winglet system for application to the Cessna CJ business jet, model 525. Prior to this, CAeS supported Tamarack and obtained the validation of the European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) STC in December 2015.

The Tamarack Active Winglet system, known as ATLAS ®, offers customers up to 25% fuel savings for the CJ & CJ1 and 13% for the CJ1+ & M2 jets which is approx. 3 to 4 times more fuel savings than offered by passive winglets. The ATLAS® Active Winglet solution also provides, increases aircraft stability, smooths out the bumps of inflight turbulence, increases max zero fuel weight as well as offering better high/hot take off performance.

The ATLAS ® technology works by counteracting and alleviating gust and manoeuvre loads without wing structural reinforcement. The combination of winglet and wing tip extension increase the wing’s aspect ratio resulting in performance improvements and fuel savings. Furthermore, fatigue life extension and gross weight increases are available with the ATLAS ® technology, which is scalable and can be installed on any aircraft type.

CAeS Design and Certification capabilities are described here.