Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Limited and Fain Simulation Systems Inc., are proud to be demonstrating their G-seat and G-suit motion cueing technology at I/ITSEC 2017.

The working demonstrator, available on stand #2073, uses a fully functioning G-seat and VR environment integrated to provide multiple G-cues to the pilot as the aircraft model is flown.

The G-suit capability augments the G-seat with coordinated inflation/deflation of the suit as the pilot performs high G manoeuvres.

The G-cues and feedback offered to the user provides for a realistic, fully immersive, high fidelity environment simulating the experience of the fast jet pilot in the cockpit.

This enhanced training environment has been supplied into many fast-jet programmes across recent years and is a must-have component of the modern pilot training and simulation environment.

For further information please contact either:

Glenn Freeman, Business Development Manager, Fain Simulation Systems Inc.
m. +1 817 8083156

Mark Kelk, Business Development Manager, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd
m. +44 7970 208634