Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd (CAeS) have provided key support for Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre’s plans to put NX611 ‘Just Jane’ back in the air.

The full programme may show the need for modification and repair.  in preparation, the Centre approached CAeS for advice on how any repairs should be designed and certified.  CAeS were delighted to provide this advice as a donation in kind.

The CAeS plan was forwarded to the CAA, who were very pleased with the overall Return to Flight programme.

CAeS look forward to supporting the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre when the time is right.

In the meantime, you can find out more by visiting

If you have need for repair or certification support, on any current or historical aircraft, please contact CAeS on or look at our web page

Just Jane’ NX611 with S.Rutherford of CAeS