Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd (CAeS) are pleased to announce the validation of a EUROPEAN AVIATION SAFETY AGENCY (EASA), STC for Satellite Authorisation Systems (SatAuth), South Africa, for their aircraft tracking capability and in-flight point of sale solution for which CAeS has acted as design authority.

The solution is to be installed on the A340-300 aircraft range and rolled out across other aircraft types in the near future.

CAeS have had the pleasure of developing an excellent relationship with SatAuth over recent years and look forward to continuing this support as SatAuth’s global footprint expands.

About SatAuth Idea:

“The idea to create a communications solution in an environment that traditionally did not have a viable and/or cost effective linkage to the banks grew with the insurgence into the new millennium. By combining our established skills in IT communications and banking we were able to create a viable solution to meet this challenge. The risk to the business amounted to 3% to 4% per annum as an above the line loss, and did not include the cost recovery of bad debt.”

“Our target industry has always been a close-knit one, fraught with stringent certification and compliance requirements. Having overcome numerous of these hurdles, SatAuth is now on the threshold of becoming a key competitor in this field, based on our cost effective designs and business solutions with a key competitive feature being a quick installation solution.”

“Following the stringent testing and compliance processes, we now have a solution which complies with all the required aviation industry standards, although the time and associated financial investment carried by the team personally has placed a limit on available options to move the project onto the next exciting phase.”

CAeS look forward to working with SatAuth as their global footprint develops to include an ever increasing set of aircraft types. CAeS Design and certification capabilities are described here.