Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd are delighted to announce that we will be acting as the Design Authority for the refurbishment and return to flight of Canberra WK163.

This continues the local connection for this aircraft. Built in 1955, it was heavily modified by Napier at Luton for a special mission.  This modified aircraft captured the world altitude record in August 1957, with the aid of a rocket booster!  After conversion back to a more standard configuration, it spent the next 40 years being used for radar development.  This included a long period, starting in 1976, based at ARA Bedford.

The aircraft was retired from RAF service in 1997 and spent the next 9 years on the display circuit.  Sadly, it was grounded in 2006.

However, the team that brought Vulcan XH558 back to flight have now taken on Canberra XH558. (See here.)

CAeS are looking forward to being part of its next adventure, it’s return to flight!

CAeS will be providing expert design, analysis and safety support for the demanding restoration phase that lies ahead.  You can meet both the CAeS team at the Shuttleworth Collection’s Military Pageant on Sunday the 3rd July 2016.

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