Cranfield Aerospace Solutions secures multimillion pound contract to supply G-Seat simulation technology to L-3 Link Simulation & Training for the US Navy F/A-18 Training Programme

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd (CAeS) is delighted to announce the placement of a multimillion pound contract from L-3 Link Simulation & Training (L-3 Link) for the supply of a number of G-Seat (g-force cueing) Motion Control Systems for integration into the F/A-18 Tactical Operational Flight Trainers for the US Navy.

CAeS has delivered over 120 Motion Cueing Systems (MCS) to 21 different Armed Forces worldwide, which have accumulated in excess of 2,000,000 operational hours. MCS simulation technology has been adopted into F-18 tactical aircraft programmes in both the US and Canada. The MCS technology provided by CAeS has been derived from over three decades of R&D, provides very high-fidelity sustained g-force simulation through the seat and harness, and has been successfully evaluated by the UK MOD and DoD agencies. CAeS is unique in this sector, having built up operational experience with its products across a broad spectrum of user communities across fast jet, helicopter, civil GA aircraft and, more recently, motorsport applications.

Following the successful delivery of four G-Seat MCS systems in 2012, the US government entered an extensive period of assessment before placing a follow-on contract with L-3 Link at the end of 2015.

The F/A-18 trainers, which will be housed at Naval Air Stations around the world, will enable US Navy aircrews to hone their air-to-air combat skills by interacting with a wide variety of simulated adversaries. To enhance their air-to-ground mission skills, aircrews will be able to use the trainers to counter simulated surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft artillery and early warning radar sites. The trainers will also enable aircrews to practice simulated precision weapons delivery on a variety of land- and sea-based structures, including buildings, bridges, trucks, trains and ships. The simulators will also be used to practice field and carrier takeoffs and landings, low altitude flight, emergency procedures, operation of radar imagery and targeting of forward-looking infrared displays.

Cranfield Aerospace will be delivering to L-3 a total of 19 simulation seat systems, together with supporting spares, over the course of an initial 18-month contract. The first seats are due for delivery in early February 2017. Follow-on options would aim to provide a further 10 seats and supporting spares over the following two years.

CAeS CEO Paul Hutton commented, “This contract has cemented a strong working partnership between CAeS and L-3 Link. It underpins our ambitious plans for the development of this product, and we are extremely excited to be delivering our latest state-of-the-art simulation technology for use by the US Navy.”

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Picture courtesy of L-3 Link Simulation & Training.